AIF Accreditation

The advisors at THE WAY ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS GROUP, LLC all have AIF® designation. What does that mean?

AIF® stands for Accredited Investment Fiduciary®. THE WAY ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS GROUP, LLC… advisors have been specially certified for their ability to follow a process that puts clients’ best interests at the heart of each decision made.

In other words, THE WAY ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS GROUP, LLC look out for you first, not the bank or some other corporation. The AIF® designation creates the framework for our core practices and the proof of our commitment to a heightened fiduciary standard.

Q: What else does AIF® certification mean for your clients?
In addition to putting your best interests above all others, AIF®-approved advisors like those at THE WAY ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS GROUP, LLC adhere to a code of ethics that includes

  • Offering solutions and strategies tailored specifically to you
  • Acting with prudence (ie, diversifying your assets to mitigate risk and volatility),
  • Applying objective standards for evaluating investment options,
  • Providing full and fair disclosure of all important facts (such as fee transparency),
  • Manage conflicts of interest, and
  • Monitoring your portfolio’s performance on a continual basis to make changes as needed.

Q: You keep using the word “fiduciary.” What does it mean exactly?
A fiduciary is any financial advisor who is required by law and practice to act solely in the interests of the client. At THE WAY ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS GROUP, LLC, your fiduciary’s guidance will match your specific goals, timeframe, and risk tolerance. You’ll work in tandem to find the optimal balance of risk and return.

First, they had to document their many years of industry experience. Next, they had to complete the rigorous AIF® training program that covers best practices for managing fiduciary assets for wealth, nonprofit, and retirement clients. Then they had to pass an exam to prove their knowledge, abide by standards of conduct that show a higher degree of industry professionalism, and complete annual continuing education courses to sharpen their knowledge and skills.

Fi360, the investment industry’s leading source of education and advocacy, provides the instruction and certification. It’s considered the gold standard for fiduciary resources among financial advisors.