We do things a bit differently than traditional Wall Street organizations. Our clients partner with us because of our steadfast commitment to five founding principles: Stewardship, Advice, Virtues, Ethics and Discipline. These are the 5 Pillars of THE WAY ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS GROUP, LLC, and they make up the heart of our relationship with clients. We hold ourselves accountable to delivering on each and every one. That is our solemn promise and commitment to you.


Stewardship embodies the responsible planning and management of resources. It’s the blessing you’re giving us to be the guardian of your wealth. Trust in our relationship is key. We earn this trust through frequent communication with clients and using prudent investor methodology to provide vetted and customized solutions.


Our clients trust us to provide guidance, in their best interest, with regard to prudent future action. We advise them based on what each one needs, not on products we’re trying to sell. We recommend no more and no less than what meets each client’s unique and specific best interests. In essence, we travel the universe of investments to find solutions, vet them and translate them into strategies appropriate for you.


Virtue is who we are. We abide by and hold ourselves accountable to, extremely high moral standards in our work. We manage conflicts of interest, practice investment transparency, are fee conscious, and adhere to biblically responsible principles to set our benchmark with you.


At THE WAY ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS GROUP, LLC, we use a combination of faith-based moral tenets and fiduciary standards that put the client’s best interests first in all that we do. We provide investment solutions objectively in our open architecture platform. And we always look for investment partners that share our ideals.
Discipline is about training to act according to rules, both for our faith and our industry’s best practices. Our commitment to these codes enables us to select the best funds, investment managers and independent research, and to monitor and answer for investment outcomes on a continual basis. It’s the process by which we need to do things to reach the outcome each client is looking for.